Zack by Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman

Four Asian women are brutally murdered in their apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. They all work for a Thai massage studio. Were they prostitutes? Is the motive racism, human trafficking, or misogyny? The case is assigned to the Special Unit.

All Heroes Are Born From Tragedies

Zack is the main character and antihero. He is handsome, 27 years old, has had a successful career within the Stockholm Police Force and now works for the Special Unit, but he lives a double life. At night he goes to underground nightclubs and snorts cocaine with his criminal best friend.

His mother, also a police, died while on duty when he was 5 years old. The case was never solved, but Zack has sworn to find out who did it.

Hercules Series

Zack is the first part in the Hercules series, where the novels are inspired by the labours of Hercules. The Hercules connection is not clear to me, but it is nevertheless an action filled novel with high tempo. I get a bit of a “Stieg Larsson-vibe”, which must be a good thing… I really like Zack’s colleague Deniz and hope that she gets a bigger role in future novels.

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