Writing with a Partner


The Importance of Communication

Today at Crimetime Gotland 2016 there are several seminars with author conversations. The most interesting this morning was an event with Michael Hjort & Hans Rosenfeldt and Cilla & Rolf Börjlind. They discussed what it’s like to write with a partner. To each write a chapter, or to each write about a character requires communication.

Michael Hjort says “It’s too bad if I suddenly realize that I want to kill a character, but forget to check if Hans has written about the character as a living person, 80 pages later.”

Books vs TV

Both writing duos struggle with inconsistencies when they have written a few books in a series, e.g. the first book gets adapted for TV and they make adjustments, then they write the next novel with the main characters in the TV version in their mind and all of a sudden a character has a different gender in different versions. As an example Cilla Börjlind mentions Olivia’s best friend, who in the book Spring Tide is a woman but in the TV adaptation is a man. In book #2 she is a woman again, but in the next TV production she becomes a he again…

So, if you want to write with a partner it is absolutely necessary to know exactly what’s going on in the other’s text, to make sure everything makes sense in the end.


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