White Tracks by Emelie Schepp

A woman involved in drug smuggling is found dead on a train in Norrköping. She traveled to Sweden with another woman who flees before the police arrive at the scene. It turns out that the women have ties to a person from Jana Berzelius’s past. As a prosecutor Jana works closely with the police and she definitely does not want to be connected to the person they are looking for. Jana has a double agenda and the question is whether or not she can stay a step ahead of the police, and at the same time help them solve the case without her secrets getting revealed.

Jana Berzelius

Jana Berzelius is a complex and memorable character. She is a strong, independent and successful woman with a dark past. She does not hesitate to use violence if necessary. Will she ever be able to shake off her past? Probably not, and in this novel more surprising details are revealed. Jana Berzelius is the strenght of the series and you cannot help but think of Lisbeth Salander.


This is the second novel with prosecutor Jana Berzelius as the main character. You should read the first one before reading this one, but just like Marked for Life, this novel captures the reader from page one and is impossible to put down. Is the story believable? Maybe not, but it does not matter. Emelie Schepp plans on writing eight novels in the series, and my only question is – when will the next one be published?!


Original title in Swedish: Vita spår. 

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