What will happen in 2010?

A new year, a new decade, that  most certainly will bring a lot of criminal novels. The question is, was the the 00  a decade when criminal novels and suspense novels peaked?

A fact is that fewer criminal novels (and cooking books)  at least in Swedenwill be published 2010. Perhaps it has to do with the economy? I don´t know but I think it´s a good thing as long as the publishers bet on good quality crime novels which I´m afraid is not so certain…

If you didn´t  make a living out of it,  it was  impossible to read all crime novels that were  published in Sweden last year and you can only imagine then how small percentage of all the international crime novels you read last year. 

But even if you did read over 200 crime novels last year, let´s face it a lot of them were probably not that great. Authors have been spitting out  books like chewing gum and there´s been such a hype about criminal novels the last years that every second person in the world seems to think that they can and should write a criminal novel. I disagree…

And what about all the series, although not a new concept, how many series can and should you follow? And where does the line go where a writer writes with passion and not just to deliver the yearly book? Let´s not forget, there are some serious buisness going on in crimewriting buisness. I guess that suits some authors but I can only imagine the pressure some of the writers must feel, and when you think of all the damage it does to the quality of the books it gets really depressing. But, I admit that I do follow some of the series and not all of them are bad, you just have to be careful with what you choose.

So for this decade I hope for quality before quantitie. I also wish that crime writers from Asia, Latin America and Africa would get more attention. I´ve only read a handfull and that´s the problem! I´m sure there are plenty of them but only a few are translated and published world wide.

Not that I don´t love a good old fashioned english crime novel, there really is something special about murder in the english country side as well as with the troubled police men with too much crimes to solve in the big American city.  And I can hardly complain about the big break through Scandinavian crime writers have had the last decade. However, more diversity from the publishing companies would be nice.

I think and hope that the internet will be very helpful and important here since  there are fewer small book shops left and the bigger book shops are going for mainstream and “safe card” But  even if you can buy books from other countries via the web they still have to be translated.

A more personal wish this year is to discover “the one” a crime novel that has it all
A good story, interesting characters, an environment that fits the book, great language and a real page turner.

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