What is Mine – Anne Holt

Holt is a Norwegian lawyer and writer who was actually minister of justice for a while. I think I read Blind Gudinna (no English translation available, I think? Blind Goddess, literally translated, Blind Gudinne in Norwegian) many years ago, but I can’t remember anything about it more than that I liked it. Therefore I didn’t know what to expect when I started on What is Mine – and that was good!

The book is the first in a series of three about Inger Johanne Vik, a lawyer with a degree in psychology as well. Several children disappear and Norway is in a panic. Inger Johanne Vik and Yngvar Stubø, a police man, are trying to solve the case before any more children get abducted but are fighting against the clock.

This is in my opinion a really, really good crime novel! I usually think crime stories that involve children are too scary and therefore I don’t like to read them. However, Holt isn’t gorging in gory details about the children, but is instead concentrating and focusing the story on Vik and Stubø. I loved the characters and I loved the book – I can’t wait to read my next Holt novel!

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