Verdict by Ulla Bolinder

A woman decides to go for a bike ride on a Friday evening. She never returns and the police start a search which soon turns into a crime investigation

Access to the Same Information

We get to follow the investigation solely through short newspaper articles, police interrogations and interviews with suspects. It turns into a story about shadow characters where external attributes like what someone looks like or someone’s name is of less importance. We only find out about the involved people’s feelings to the extent they have chosen to share that in interrogations and interviews.

The tabloids’ angles and platitudes are long gone, instead we get to follow a tragedy with information of varying quality. It becomes a naked story in that the characters’ thoughts, vivid environmental descriptions and other things that usually are part of a novel are missing. It results in a realistic depiction of the tragedy’s reality, unlike the novels’ structured events and the tabloids’ doctored fabrications. The reader is given access to the same information as the investigators and when the involved people’s stories often differ it is easy to understand the police’s frustration when their work is disrupted.

The different narrative and the language appeal to me, and a lot is familiar from studies of verdicts and investigation protocols, which gives it an authentic feeling.

Original title in Swedish: Domslut

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