Dr. Martin Harris (played by Liam Neeson) travels with his wife to Berlin to give a lecture at a large conference. While the wife is checking in at the hotel, Martin discovers that they have forgotten one of their suitcases at the airport. He jumps in a cab to go back and look for it. There is an accident on the way to the airport. Martin ends up in a coma and it takes four days before he wakes up. He then discovers that another man has taken his spot and claims to be Dr. Martin Harris. When “our” Martin sees his wife and she also claims that the “new” Dr. Martin Harris is her husband and that she never has met “our” Martin before we have the prelude to an entertaining and action-packed story.

An Ok Movie

The movie is entertaining even though the storyline may be a bit thin. The entire storyline is built around one “shocking” twist. But if you are looking for an exciting thriller it is a very good choice. The movie also contain one of the most choreographed car chased I have ever seen, unreal but beautiful! The movie is definitely worth seeing if you like thrillers.

PS. “Unknown” is so much better than Neeson’s thriller “Taken” from 2009.

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