UltiMatum by Anders de la Motte



Anders de la Motte became known thanks to the Geim-trilogy, which was innovative, fresh, and fast paced. Then MemoRandom came, which was the first part in a new series that is much more hardboiled. UltiMatum is #2 and there will probably a third novel as well.


It really annoys me when publishers advertise novels as independent when they are not. You could of course read this novel separately, but you would probably be confused. The novels definitely belong together! In other words, read MemoRandom first and things will make more sense.

Power Struggles, Betrayal and Business

That’s what it’s all about. What are people prepared to do to get power? There are pacts that are created and renegotiated and sometimes broken due to betrayal. And in the criminal world it comes right down to business. Win or lose, if you show any sign of weakness you’re out. Police, politician or gangster, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is playing the game and who is on what side is negotiable.

Comeback of Women

I complained that women only played a small role in MemoRandom, especially compared to the Geim-trilogy. Here it’s better again. Both the character Natalie and the police Julia get more room, although Julia’s cleverness and “I’m the best in the class” syndrome annoy me. Another wish was granted as well. The gangster with the big heart, Atif, plays a bigger role in this novel.

Clear Favorite

With the Geim-trilogy and the two latest novels Anders de la Motte shows that he is a Swedish crime writing force to be reckoned with. It took a few chapters to get into the story and refresh the memory from the last novel; there are many things to keep straight. But then I got the great and at the same time sad feeling you get when a book is really good; you want more but then you realize that it may be a year or more until the next novel is published…

What’s Next?

It will be extremely interesting to see how he’ll tie it all together with a third novel (a trilogy is sufficient, no never-ending series please). Then I want to know what’s next. More hardboiled ficton? Something innovative again, or something in a different crime genre? Bring it on!



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