Thriller with mysticism

A dead Angel (my translation)

…. is the sequel to the Nephilim written by Åsa Schwarz who were released two years ago. I  really liked Nephilim and have been waiting for A dead Angel a long time. The main character in the books is the young environmental activist Nova Barakel who has similarities with Lisbeth Salander but has her own twist. To understand the mystical part of the book you can google the word Nephilim. I also advise you to read Nephilim before reading this book.

Åsa Schwarz

… works as an IT security consultant and besides writing novels and lives  in Stockholm.


In the beginning of the book we find Nova on Mount Ararat in Armenia. Together with her friend Arvid she participates in a Greenpeace project that will build a new Noah’s Ark (Some believe that the ark stranded on the mountain) to raise public awareness on environmental issues The Ark will symolize the modern deluge. On site, she meets the charismatic but mysterious Benjamin and becomes totally and completely in love. However.. the journey ends in a disaster and Nova wakes up in a hospital in Stockholm with amnesia. What really happened? where is Benjamin? And how come her wounds heal so quickly?

International success

In the review of the Nephilim I wrote that the book has all the criteria for an international bestseller. I was right! Since then Nephilim has been sold to several countries abroad, and seems to be going very well.

I like this book and the series because:

* It addresses an important topic and the book makes me think about how we treat the environment

* It feels modern and fresh

* It is a page-turner

* Nova is an amazing character (You can find her on Facebook)

* I like the supernatural elements.

* Despite the supernatural elements, there is a sense of realism in the books which makes the book more convincing.

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