Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellström

”Three Seconds” is definitely one of the best novels I have read in a long time! I had not read any novels by Roslund & Hellström before but that was not an issue despite the fact that “Three Seconds” is the fifth novel about Detective Superintendent Ewert Grens. I also look forward to see the movie adaptation!


The main character Piet Hoffman (codename Paula) is a former criminal who now works as an infiltrator for the police. His wife and sons do not know about his double life, but he is forced to tell his wife when he get tasked by the Polish mafia to take over the drug trafficking in one of Sweden’s largest prisons. He doubts that the police will get him out as promised if anything were to go wrong, and he does not want to experience the three seconds it takes to die so he creates his own plan just in case.


At the end of the book the authors describe what is fact and what is fiction, and it is very interesting to find out that the police actually use criminal infiltrators. That contributes even more to the feeling that what is described in the book could actually happen.

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