The Wave of Death by Bo Norgren

“Never judge a book by its cover” and it could not have been more true than in this case!


“The Wave of Death” takes place in Thailand after the tsunami. The work of identifying deceased people is underway.

Göran Ålund, part of the national IT crime squad, is one of the Swedes who are sent to Thailand to help with the efforts. Ålund also has a secret mission, he is supposed to find a missing Swedish diplomat . It does not take long for Ålund to realize that there is someone who does not appreciate that he has arrived in Thailand and his life is in danger.


The story starts out slowly but the pace escalates quickly and it ends with a lot of action (even if you cannot think so when you look at the cover). The book is an easy read and the pages fly by!

Cliché? At times.

Over the top? Yes, a little.

Entertaining? VERY!

Summer Crime Novel

“The Wave of Death” is a perfect novel to enjoy on the balcony this summer, maybe with a cold Singha or Chang! The choice of brand can matter more than you think…

I highly recommend this novel!

Translator’s note: I do not know if/when this novel will be available in English.

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