The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry

The Venetian

This is the third book about Cotton Malone, a former American agent who has retired in Copenhagen and now works in a bookstore.


Berry has tried to cram as much as possible into the storyline: double agents, historical facts, the hunt for Alexander the Great’s tomb, insanity, cures for HIV, secret societies, endless cash resources, etc. It is almost too much with new twists every few pages. The story does not seem real, which is not so surprising considering the imaginative storyline. Despite the fast pace and all the excitement the book became slow after approximately 100 pages. And after a while little things started bugging me, e.g. the fact that the characters repeatedly, in various ways, point out to each other that “you put yourself in this situation.”

My Opinion

Even though this is a genre I normally am swept away by, I was not crazy about the story. The fact that I have not read the first two books about Cotton may influence me. I have no relation to the different characters and I am not very fond of them. I have read Berry’s The Third Secret, which I really liked, and a funny thing was that the main character from that book makes a guest appearance in this story as well.

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