The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax

Today I went through my bookshelfs for inspiration and started reading Dorothy Gilmans first Pollifax book Mrs Pollifax the Unexpected Mrs Pollifax from 1966 again. I loved it when I was younger and I found out I still love it!

Mrs Pollifax is, just as the title says, unexpected. She is a retired lady who despite her flowers, womens´group and grown up children still feels like something is missing so she walks to the CIA and offers her services. By mistake she is sent on an assignment…

It really is quite silly and unbelievable and there are probably a lot of you who will think this is rubbish but I find Mrs Pollifax absolutely wonderful!  The serie (there are 14 Mrs Pollifax books) have humour, warmth and is more exiting then you would think.  During the series she is sent to Mexico, Albania (when it was communist country), Sicily, Italy, Zambia, Switzerland and Turkey, Hong Kong, China and other countries. My favourite is A Palm for Mrs Pollifax

This year Dorothy Gilman Mystery Writers of America gave her the Grand Master, Raven and Ellery Queen award. You can read about that here

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