The Summons by John Grisham

SummonsLaw professor Ray Atlee is put to the test when he receives a letter from his father, Judge Atlee. During Ray’s entire childhood the Judge only lived for his job, and not his family. The father, now a very old and sick man, summons the son to talk about his will. When Ray arrives to his childhood home he finds the old man dead. At the same time his brother Forrest returns home. The brothers are shocked of course, but handle the death in very different ways. While Ray takes care of all the funeral arrangements, Forrest falls back into his old drug habits.

Hidden Money

What Ray does not tell his brother is that he has found money in one of the father’s closets, a lot of money. Ray does not know what to do. Where does the money come from? Could it have been a bribe? Ray decides to keep quiet and packs the money in his car. Then a difficult period follows where the power of the money is close to destroying him, while the fear of being discovered is overwhelming. Soon it turns out that someone else knows that Ray has the money, someone who also wants it.

Not a Page Turner

Well, what are you supposed to think this of this novel? Grisham is Grisham if you know what I mean. There is a lot of law, a lot of excitement and I believe the novel is supposed to be a page turner. I listened to the story instead of reading it, so in my case no pages were turned. I still do not think the tempo was that fast, and the storyline is honestly pretty thin.

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