The Spiral – Review


It is stylish and lavish, but unfortunately they do no succeed in selling the ”story.” The acting is very uneven; some are ok, while others are awful!

The Story

The Spiral aims high. It wants to be an epic, modern, European TV series (great initiative!). Unfortunately they do not reach their target. The main story is simply not good enough. It feels forced and awkward. The story is about an artists’ collective based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is a smart solution to get past the “language problem” that occurs when you have actors from all over the European Union. The collective decides to steal six world famous paintings from six European museums. It does not go as planned.

The Actors/Characters

A handful of actors are really good, about half is ok, but the rest are unfortunately terrible (I have seen school plays with better acting…) Too bad.

Many of the characters are also very cliché. The series’ two agents from Europol could have come straight from an American agent series from the late 1990s. Too bad.

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