The Solution to: A Case for Aunt Hulda


Greger committed suicide.


Here are the clues:

A pillow case is missing

An empty spool (for fishing wire) in the trash

A missing figurine

The sewing supplies

The open balcony door

The audiobook (“The Scent of Almonds” by Camilla Läckberg)

The container outside


This is how he did it:

Greger sewed the fishing line to the pillow case, and tied the gun in the same end. In the other end he tied the figurine. Then he hung the figurine over the edge of the balcony railing and used the pillow case as a glove. When he shot himself he dropped the gun and the figurine dragged the gun and the pillow case into the container below. On the way down the bloody pillow case bumped into a vase in the window, as well as the balcony railing. Some blood also splashed on Jan’s car (and ladder), which was parked next to the container.

Different versions of this mystery have been used in many detective stories, including a Sherlock Holmes story and “The Scent of Almonds” by Camilla Läckberg.