The Shadows by Katarina Wennstam

An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth

Men who hate women, abusers and rapists have to look out. In Wennstam’s latest novel we get to meet a group of women who have decided that society’s punishments are not enough and they retaliate with the same amount of punches, burns, broken bones or wounds that the men have inflicted on the women. No more, no less. The group receives a lot of public support and many think that the men only have themselves to blame.

It’s Only Fair

The novel is not really credible and not very suspenseful, but it is still worth reading and it encourages reflection. It is very current, because these days many news stories cover cases where rapist are acquitted in the Swedish courts, but it does not justify people taking matters into their own hands. I think the most interesting aspect is the effect the crimes have, and the police warn men of walking alone at night (i.e. they get to experience what it is like for women). As a woman I cannot help but thinking “it’s only fair.”


Original title in Swedish: Skuggorna

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