The Sect by Jan-Sverre Syvertsen

The Sect is Jan-Sverre Syvertsen’s third crime novel and it is (not suprisingly) about a religious sect in Norway. Tina, one of the younger sect members is found murdered by her best friend. The policewoman Lisa Lunde leads the investigation with the help of psychologist Sander Mørk. It does not take long before Tina’s friend is found dead near the murder scene.

Pedophile Network

While the murder investigation is going on, a young boy is kidnapped in Greece. The Norwegian police suspects that a network of pedophiles is involved and Sander Mørk becomes involved in the search for the boy. This part of the story often refers back to earlier events and I suspect that I would have understood more if I had read Syvertsen’s novels in the “right” order.

Crime Fiction + Religious Sect

I love crime novels and I am also very interested in religious sects and their members’ motivation, so I thought this would be the perfect novel for me. Sure it is ok, but I wanted more. However, it is very possible that I would have liked it better if I had read Syvertsen’s first two crime novels before this one.

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