The second interview with Ulrica Krona…

We have gone over Jenny Moore’s finances, and we didn’t find any discrepancies.

Good to hear. Did you call me just to tell me that?


No, we found a few things that stood out that we want to ask you about. Lately you have sold several properties and not invested the profits. Why?

Jenny wanted it that way.


So Jenny wanted several millions just sitting in a bank account collecting dust?



The last month she has also withdrawn quite a lot of cash…

It’s Jenny’s money. She can withdraw as much as she wants.


You don’t think it seemed a little strange?

To be honest I didn’t know that Jenny had withdrawn a lot of cash. It’s not my job to keep track of that.


I understand, but sine you have had good insight into her finances during a long period, maybe you have an idea why she has withdrawn large amounts of cash recently?

I can only see one reason…that she was blackmailed and needed the money to pay someone.


Thank you for your help.


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