The Scarred Woman by Jussi Adler-Olsen


I am a big fan of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s books about Detective Carl Mørck and Department Q, Copenhagen’s cold case division.  I read the first three novels in one stretch and it is impossible not to fall in love with the characters. Carl is a man with a reluctantly good heart. Rose is a highly intelligent assistant with a fragile psyche. Assad is the faithful immigrant with words of wisdom about camels, easy to dismiss but wise as few.


In this novel we get to follow Carl and Assad’s struggle to help Rose, who is in a deep psychosis. For those of you who think Rose is an enigma we find out about her dark past, which explains a lot.


In parallel we also get to meet three young women who all have something in common. The often shop at H&M, want to get as much out of life as possible with minimal investment and all of them are familiar with the Danish welfare system. Annelie works in the welfare system. She is a middle-aged gray woman, who always has done the right thing, worked hard, who was an idealist but has become a cynic. Department Q and these women’s paths cross and there is a bloody clash.


This is the 7th novel in the series, and just the re-ignition most series need after six books. The theme is current and the crimes are spectacular. It leads to binge reading, and anger over how some things in the story may affect future generations.


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