The Recruit by Robert Muchamore – A Thriller for Young Adults


The English Secret Service has a super-secret spy organization called CHERUB, and its agents are tough orphans.

The book is about twelve-year-old James, who lives in the slums of London until his mom dies, and then he ends up at an orphanage. He is mostly on the streets getting into trouble. Until CHERUB recruits him that is.

Now James has to attend spy school, which is difficult but he has fun and gets to know a lot of friends who are similar to him. The life at school is not just fun and games. James is a good student and it is time for his first assignment. Fighting terrorists!

Exciting Book

Can a twelve-year-old fight terrorism? The CHERUB organization thinks so. Because children can do things adults cannot. No one suspects a child. The story is pretty scary but very exciting. Sometimes it seems more like a book for adults than teenagers. The good thing is that the story is so exciting at all times. I wonder if there could be a spy organization like that in real life. Maybe. The Recruit is the first part of the CHERUB series and I will definitely read more!

Martin, 14 years old

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