The Quarry by Johan Theorin

The Quarry is the third part in Johan Theorin’s series about the island Öland, Sweden during four seasons. This one is about spring.

The quarry is a dark red layer that people used to think was petrified blood from a battle between trolls and elves. It runs through the limestone at the coastline and according to legend it is bad luck to build a house between the trolls in the quarry and the elves at the Alvar.

Despite that a few luxury houses are built next to the abandoned quarry, and they are finished just around Easter.


We have Vendela and Max Larsson, who make a terrible entrance and literally bump into Per Mörner and his son. The couple is far from harmonious and loving. There are secrets dark as night.

Then there is Per Mörner, who intends to celebrate Easter with his two kids in the old stonecutter’s cottage he has inherited. Per’s father shows up suddenly and without an invitation. The father suffers from a stroke, and if that was not enough his past in the porn industry catches up with him and causes major problems.

The wonderful 83-year-old captain Gerlof Davidsson moves back to his little cabin to experience spring in his old home maybe for the last time. He has a treasure trove. It consists of his dead wife Ella’s diaries, which he after great anguish decides to read. What he reads about is something very strange, even supernatural.

The neighborly politeness disappears rather quickly and is replaced by jealousy and suspicion, and secrets are starting to surface.

Relationships and Drama

It takes a while before the story starts getting exciting. Echoes from the Dead and The Darkest Room were more suspenseful, while The Quarry is more about relationships and the drama surrounding those. Crime novel? Kind of. It is definitely a very good novel. Worth reading? Absolutely.

There is definitely a chance that tourist will flock to Öland. Literary tourists now have another author’s novels to explore.

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