The Piano Tuner by Stefan Tegenfalk

Walter Gröhn and Jonna de Brugge Are Back

I liked Stefan Tegenfalk’s trilogy (Anger Mode, The Nirvana Project, and The Missing Link) and I have been looking forward to The Piano Tuner, the first part in a series of stand-alone crime novels featuring Walter Gröhn and Jonna de Brugge.


The novel is about the 16-year-old bullying victim Linnea. She cuts herself and sees no purpose in life. It is frustrating to think about how many children have similar problems.

Her parents are constantly traveling for work and they have given a nanny the responsibility at home. The only person Linnea shares her feelings with is Daniella, a girl she talks to online. Linnea has a unique musical talent and when she meets the Piano Tuner, her life finally seems a little brighter.

Murdered Teenager

A teenage girl is found murdered, there are few clues and the police cannot agree on a theory. Is it a known predator who has committed the crime or someone who knew the girl? Did the bullying have something to do with the murder?

Exciting Plot

Tegenfalk has created an exciting plot and placed clues in a skillful way and the reader is challenged to guess who the murderer is. The author keeps the identity of the victim secret for a long time, which is impressive. We also get to know more about Jonna de Brugge’s background and I want to know even more, but I suspect that will be part of future novels.

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