The Nirvana Project by Stefan Tegenfalk

”The Nirvana Project” is the second part of Stefan Tegenfalk’s trilogy about Criminal Detective Walter Gröhn and his coworker Jonna de Brugge. I read the first part “Anger Mode” a while back, and you should definitely read that first, since this book picks up where the first one left off. I cannot really tell you anything about the storyline, since that would ruin it for anyone who has not yet read “Anger Mode.”

Crime Trilogy

“The Nirvana Project” was much better and now I have no choice but to read the third and final part “The Missing Link” which is published (in Swedish) in September this year. The novel has a high speed and is filled with cliffhangers. Some of the questions from the first part are answered while new ones are posed. It will be exciting to see how (if) all threads are pulled together in the final novel.

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