The Neighbor by Buthler & Öhrlund

In “The Neighbor – You do not want him in your zipcode…” Hans Ecker is freed during a prisoner transport by the psychopath Christopher Silverbielke. Ecker is imprisoned in a basement and it soon becomes clear that it would be safer in prison. Silverbielke has no barriers. He tortures Ecker, has violent sex with Ecker´s girlfriend, steals policeman Jacob Colt´s mail, and seduces several wives in the neighborhood.

The police thinks that Silverbielke is dead and he is using a stolen identity. He does not hestiate to kill. Will they be able to stop him?

Too Violent

Mi read another novel by the authors and said: ”Despite a relatively good reading experience I will probably not read any more of their books because of the dull female characters that they keep delivering in their works. Boring, guys. And why this constant fixation on S&M sex? Act out any of your own fantasies, but spare me the details. Noone would have missed the S&M scenes, believe me! They do not fill any function!” I feel the same is true for this novel.

The novel was suspenseful at times, but despite that I do not think I will read any other novels by Buthler & Öhrlund in the future.

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Original title in Swedish: Grannen

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