The Murder Mystery: Ulrica

Phone Conversation with Ulrica from Salzburg

Is it correct that you saw Jenny Moore the same evening she died?

Yes, we went over some numbers around 8pm. But it didn’t take more than a few minutes. I left her place at 8:15pm at the latest.


Was anyone else there when you saw Jenny?

I didn’t see anyone if that’s what you mean.


You say that you didn’t see anyone, but it sounds like you have something to add…

No…or…I didn’t see anyone but sometimes I got a…feeling that someone was waiting for her in her bedroom.


Why do you think someone was waiting for her?

I don’t know, it was just a feeling, I can be completely wrong.


How long have you handled Jenny Moore’s finances?

A little over seven years.


I have received some information indicating that you were close to being fired. Do you have a comment?

Times have been rough. The stock market has been lousy. It is correct hat Jenny was dissatisfied earlier, but during our last meeting she changed her opinion.


There are also rumors that a lot of money was missing.

That is completely untrue!


Is it untrue that Jenny had contacted several accounting firms to find someone that would audit your work?

I cannot comment on that. If that is correct they will not find anything, because I have never stolen from my clients.


You said earlier that times have been rough. Your finances seem to be doing well. You recently bought a small castle in Salzburg…

I was fortunate enough to make a few smart business moves.


Can anyone confirm that you left Jenny Moore’s house at 8:15pm?

I drove straight from her house to the airport. My plane departed at 11pm. The first person I talked to was the girl at check-in; I’m not sure what time it was then…


Do you know an actor named Felipe?



You sound like you’re unsure?

…What does this have to do with anything?


I repeat, do you know Felipe?

…We had a little “fling” a while back. It has nothing to do with this!


He was seen at the main entrance of Jenny Moore’s house around 10pm the night she died. A weird coincidence, don’t you think?

If he was there it has nothing to do with me!


Maybe, or maybe not…but as I see it the following scenario could be possible: You have embezzled money from Jenny Moore during a long period. She confronts you. You then convince your boyfriend Felipe to kill her. Her house is very secure. The only way to get in is to use the coded lock in the back. But the code is changed every 24 hours. So you make sure you have a meeting with Jenny and get the current code. When the meeting is over you leave the country so you have an alibi. Then you let your boyfriend go to the house and kill her. Everything would have worked perfectly if Felipe hadn’t been stupid enough to go too close to the main entrance and get caught on camera.

I have nothing else to say before I have talked to my attorney…


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