The Murder Mystery: Felipe

Questioning Felipe

Is it correct that you tried to leave the country today?



Why is that?

…You still haven’t told me why I’m here. I have the right to leave the country whenever I want, don’t I?


You’re here because we want to know why you were outside Jenny Moore’s house in the evening of February 20, just a few hours before she was found dead.

What?! Jenny is dead?


You mean that you haven’t read newspapers, watched TV, listened to radio or surfed the Internet lately?

I have been busy. Is Jenny really dead?


Yes, she was found killed in the morning of February 21.

I cannot believe that it’s true…


Did you have a relationship with Ulrica Krona?

…What, no. We just had a fling. That’s all… Who would want to kill Jenny?!


Felipe, can you explain why you had a bag full of cash when you were arrested?

…I want to talk to an attorney before I say anything else.


We will arrange that.


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