The Murder Mystery: Expert

Conversation with Britta Lofors, expert on the Jenny Moore phenomenon

You claim that Jenny Moore knew that she would be murdered?

No, maybe she didn’t know. But she knew that everything wasn’t right.


What proof do you have?

I have analyzed the material on her latest album.


(Why do I always get to talk to the morons?)

So she sang about being murdered?

All her other albums had names like “Party,” “In My Dream” and “Always.” Her last album was called “Black Angel!”



The name suggests that she knew she was going to die!


Because it was called “Black Angel?”

Yes, exactly. And all the songs have somber names, well except the last song that was called something in Spanish…pardon my pronunciation but I think it was “suehos de matrrimonio” or something like that. Language isn’t one of my skills.


…I think we’ll end here.


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