The Murder Mystery: Basic Facts

Jenny Moore. Born in the U.S. in 1984. Swedish mother and American father. Found dead by her bodyguard Ronald at 5:30am on February 21, 2011.


During her career Jenny Moore published seven albums, which sold in over 120 million copies. She also participated in four movies and two TV series.


In addition to music and movies, Jenny Moore’s empire consists of her own brands of perfumes, clothing, and make-up, and it is estimated to be worth around SEK 1 billion.


Jenny Moore has been an active member of the Supertologi Church since 2006.


Jenny Moore had several noticeable relationships:

2002-2004 Bryan Holds (artist)

Their relationship received a lot of attention in the media, especially when Jenny Moore carved obscene words into the paint of Bryan’s car after they had a fight.


2004 Susan Ek (personal trainer)

According to celebrity gossip magazines Jenny Moore had a short affair with Susan Ek. Today Susan works for Jenny as her personal trainer and assistant.


2005 Brandon Mann (actor)

Their relationship received a lot of attention since Brandon Mann left his famous wife, Susan Over, a reporter for CNN, for Jenny.


There have been rumors about a secret romance lately.

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