The Murder Farm

The Murder Farm

The Murder Farm is a collection of witness accounts where one of the narrators most likely is the killer. Could it be that the German author Andrea Maria Schenkel has found a new way of telling a story?

Germany Post-World War II

The novel takes place in German Einhausen in 1955, where life has returned to normal after the war. Despite that the past lingers and is starting to grow into something unmanageable. One day a young girl in town does not come home after school. Suddenly no one else in her family can not be found either. What is happening on the farm Tannöd?

Based on a True Story

The Murder Farm is based on a true story and it really stirred things up in Germany when it was first published in 2006. The novel topped the German bestseller lists for a long time. It has been translated to several other languages, including Swedish and English, and it was made into a movie in 2009.

Surprising Ending

We are talking about a classic murder case. The author writes in a thrilling way and you do not suspect the connection until the very end. Many different voices tease the reader with their conflicting questions. The novel is a lyrical braid of short fragments. Read it!

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