The Mousetrap


Agatha Christie’s play The Mousetrap is the world’s longest running play. 64 years! It is a clever murder mystery for us who love whodunits. The story takes place in a newly opened hotel in an old house in the countryside where several people get snowed in, without contact with the outside world. The 2.5 hour play takes place in one room, where one of eight people die and one of the others is the killer. Many turns, gruesome secrets and many aha-moments later it turns out that…

No, I will not be the first person in 64 years to reveal he identify of the killer, sorry!

Birthday Gift

The story around the play is as exciting as the play itself. It opened in the West End of London in 1952 under the name The Mousetrap, but it actually started as a radio play broadcast in 1947 called Three Blind Mice. The reason to the name change was that Emile Littler already had done another play with the name Three Blind Mice.

Agatha Christie gave her grandson Matthew Prichard the rights to the play as a birthday gift. Since its premiere at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham in 1962 it has transferred to different places until 1974 when it moved to St Martin’s Theatre in West End, where it is still playing today. The play has been playing continuously for 64 years, and it was still almost sold out the rainy February evening when I went.


Not Scary

If you are in the neighborhood, go see it! And feel free to bring your children as there is nothing frightening about it (believe me, I am an overprotective mom) and the articulated Queen’s English makes it possible for everyone to follow along.


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