The Mobile Library: The Case of the Missing Books

The Hope of a Brilliant Future Turns Into Disappointments

Book nerd Israel Armstrong moves from London to a small town in the Irish countryside to work as a librarian. After a horrific trip he reaches his destination only to find the library closed.

After talking to the town’s colorful representative he finds out that his position has changed a bit. The idea is that he will drive the local book bus, something that Israel takes as a slap in the face. His budget and pride stops him from turning down the assignment, which turns out to be much more unglamorous that he could have imagined. The book bus have been unused for a long time – buried in chicken poop.

And it gets worse. Israel is staying with a farmer and he has to share his room with the chickens. When the book bus is supposed to get stocked with books he discovers that the library is empty. 15,000 books have disappeared without a trace and as the librarian, it becomes Israel’s responsibility to find them.

A Funny Hunt for Missing Books

The tempo is slooooow and I am frustrated by the characters’ behavior, but I cannot stop listening and it does not take long before the story has a grip on me. The story is not exactly a crime novel, but rather a funny story about different people’s fate. It is a pleasure to follow Israel in his strenuous search for the missing books.

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