The Lincoln Lawyer

The movie is entertaining as long as it lasts, but it will not stick with you. The story is good, but definitely not groundbreaking. The actors are doing a good job overall, even though the characters they are playing are not particularly memorable.


A defense lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) decides to defend a young man (Ryan Phillippe) who is accused of abusing a woman. The man insists he is innocent. At first it seems like the young man is telling the truth, but it does not take long before McConaughey discovers that not all is what it seems, and he also finds connections to an old murder case…


It is a pretty typical court drama, with all the usual story twists. Were you wondering about the title? I was after watching the movie, and I had to google it. McConaughey’s character conducts a lot of his business from the backseat of a Lincoln, hence the title “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

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