The Killing

AMC’s The Killing could have been among the best crime shows ever! As it turns out, however, ¬†it will have to settle for just being a good (and unfortunately also uneven) show.

The Show

The killing is basically a 13-episode show about ONE murder and that is really just spreading the story thin.

The Cast

The Cast is amazing. Joel Kinnaman, Bill Campbell, Michelle Forbes are all great. And let’s not forget Mireille Enos who plays Sarah Linden; she is absolutely brilliant!

Nevertheless, not even a spectacular cast can completely save a series (or should I say season as the show has been picked up for a second season) that is at least twice as long as it should have been.

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  1. You should see the original danish series. There I never thought for a moment that it was a thin story.

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    26 June 2011 18:29