The Illusion by Thomas Erikson

Another promising Swedish crime writer. The novel about behavioral scientist Alex King is the first novel by Thomas Erikson, and I am delighted to find out that he is already working on the sequel, because I definitely want to get to know the characters in “The Illusion” a little better.


Extremely wealthy businessmen and women are blackmailed and the ones who do not pay millions of dollars will be killed. Behavioral scientist Alex King witness one murder and he becomes an important part of the investigation. He works with inspector Nina Mander and detective Gabriel Hellmark. At the same time we get to know Hellmark’s brother, freelance journalist Fredric. He has been tasked with writing a biography, but it does not take long before Fredric and his family disappears without a trace. Are the two stories connected?

What Color Are You?

The author is a behavioral scientist just like the main character Alex King. In the novel Alex King uses a theory that divides people into four different colors (yellow, blue, green and red) based on their behavior. I do not think I am alone in trying to figure out what group I belong to.

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Original title in Swedish: Bländverk


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