The Hypnotist

The most talked about book i Sweden last year was The Hypnotist. The book was written by the pseudonym Lars Kepler and sent in to the publishing company in March 2009. A few months later it was in book stores, reached the bestselling lists and was sold to over 20 countries!!

A lot of people speculated on who the real author was, and he or she was named the next big thing after Stieg Larsson.  Henning Mankell was first named as the real author but he quickly denied. In August 2009 a Swdedish newspaper revealed that the authors was the married couple Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril – Two Swedish authors. Alexander is most known for his biography The Director about the famous Ingmar Bergman.

The Hypnotist is a crime thriller that takes place in Stockholm. Crime Investigator Joona Lind asks the doctor and hypnotist Erik Maria Bark to help him with a brutal and difficult case. Erik who has promised he will never use hypnosis again hestitates (for reasons that will be revealed as the book progresses) but agrees to help Lind. The book starts in flying tempo and Erik soon learns that his family is in danger.

I thought that the book was a real page turner (I only put the book down to get something to drink and use the toilet) and really exiting, apart from a piece in the middle. I also liked both Lind and Bark. The ending however is a bit sloppy, I got irritated with Eriks wife and there are a few too many threads in the book. The result? This is not the best crime/thriller I have ever read but neither are Stieg Larssons three books… Still it has just as Larssons books this “something” that makes you crave more.

It will be interesting to see how it will be received in your countries. After all there are not many books written by a debutant that are sold to so many countries before even coming out in the home country.

What the title will be in respective country is unsure but it will be sold under the pseudonym Lars Kepler. To find out when the book will be published in your country check out the publishing companies below:

UK&Commonwealth/Blue Door HC
Portuguese Brazil/Intrinseca
French/Actes Sud
Italian/Mauri Spagnol
Dutch/De Bezige Bij
Romanian/Editura Trei
Catalan/Ara Amsterdam
US/ Sarah Crichton Books / Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Complex Chinese/Locus Publishing
Portuguese Portugal/Porto Editora
Czech Republic/Host
Slovak Republic/Ikar
Simplified Chinese/Beijing Fonghong Media Co.
Thai/Sanskrit Book

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