The Helper by David Jackson

It’s always great to get the opportunity to read a book by a new author. Well, new to me that is. I’ve never read a book by David Jackson before and quite embarrassingly, I’ve never even heard of him. But I always like to make new “friends”

The plot

The Helper takes place in New York (in modern time) and it begins with a gruesome murder of a young girl in a bookstore. The book’s hero, Detective Callum Doyle is on the case. But he has a strange connection to the murder. Written on the victim’s wrist is a phone number, a phone number with a special meaning for Doyle. He tries not to read too much into it and just regards it as a freaky coincidence. But this is just the start of an amount of messages from someone who knows about the murder. And the murders that will occur in the future. The mysterious person gives Doyle an option: listen to him, solve the clues he hands him and find the future victim. Should Doyle make a deal with this person and possibly be able to prevent the future killings?

My own views

The Helper is a bit different and it doesn’t quite follow the typical patterns of a crime story. You have this nagging feeling in the back of your head that something isn’t quite as it seems. There is something more. But what? It’s not an explosive book, packed with a lot of action, gun fights, car crashed and God knows what else. But I quite like that. It starts rather bloody but it’s not a gory story. This is story which makes you think, you’re constantly alert and you’re trying to stay ahead of the plot. You think and struggle with what the “secret” is. Who is the mysterious caller? Will Doyle be able to prevent any murders? What is the twist because you know that there is a twist there somewhere? I hope this will be available in Swedish in the near future because I think there are a lot of Swedish readers out there who would enjoy this, especially now during the summer. Because as we all know, summer means crime fiction: both as books and TV series.

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