The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The much anticipated movie release of the year finally came and we stood in line to the theatre with other die-hard fans of the Millennium trilogy. Most of the people we talked to had read all the books and seen all the Swedish movies. Just like us.

Swedish or American Version?

The American movie is awesome, but somehow I feel like I had seen it all before. However, if you do not know Swedish and do not like subtitles, then this is the movie for you. Being from Sweden I loved that this movie was filmed there as well. I realize that this version will reach a much wider audience, and give Sweden a lot of publicity. You cannot argue with that.

Battle of Lisbeth Salander

Would Rooney Mara measure up to Noomi Rapace? That was the big question, and in my opinion the answer is YES. Rooney did an awesome job! However, I do not think she was better than Noomi, just different. I love them both!


I do not know if there will be American movie versions of the other two books, but I really hope so. I loved the first Swedish movie, but I think Hollywood can make something more, something better, with the second and third book.

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