The Girl with Snow in Her Hair

The main character Magdalena and her six-year-old son moves back to her hometown Hagfors from Stockholm after a difficult divorce. Magdalena works as a journalist and she thinks she has left the big headlines behind when she starts working at the local newspaper. However, she realizes she was wrong when a teenage girl disappears and another is found murdered. The hometown is not as peaceful as it seems and dark secrets are hidden beneath the surface in the most unexpected places.

Hagfors, Sweden

Having grown up in a small town I think it is very interesting to read about Magdalena’s view of her hometown Hagfors and how she is received by the people who have lived there all their lives.

For me it is also fun to read about Hagfors, because I shared an apartment with a girl from there during a semester at Uppsala University. It was a lot of fun, but our dialects differed quite a bit…

The Girl…

When you hear the title you may think of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy (since all his books’ titles start with The Girl…), but this time it is another Swede who is behind it. (I do not know when the novel will be available in English.)

The Girl with Snow in Her Hair is Ninni Schulman’s first novel. Overall I think it is really good novel, but I could have lived without the sections in italic. (I think I have overdosed on italic where the killer or victims give their view.)

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