The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerardsen

Several murders happen in a short time and when the police find out that the victims are all the same age and have ties to the same place they realize that they are dealing with a serial killer. You find out fairly early that it is a bullied child that has become an adult serial killer but the ending is still surprising. 

The descriptions of the murders are very graphic and I can almost not read the details. The reader  also gets to read the killer’s diary where even more details about the murders are revealed that the police do not have access to.

The sidetrack where a policewoman is raped and starts her own investigation is in my opinion unnecessary since it does not add anything to the plot, unless the author plans to continue this track in the next book.

Carin Gerardsen first novel The Gingerbread House (Pepparkakshuset) is the first part of the Hammarby series. The book was good but you could tell that it was her first and she had benefitted from killing some “darlings.” However, I will most likely read the sequel and hopefully the story is a bit tighter in that one.