The Eternal Fire of Alchemy* by Anna Jansson

The glass designer Justus Hartman disappears without a trace from the hospital. His nephew, the police Thomas Hartman, has not seen his uncle in forty years and does not know where he may have gone. The search begins and the clues take Thomas from Gotland to the Kingdom of Chrystal. At Kosta Boda Art Hotel a man is found murdered in a glass coffin. Is there a connection between the disappearance and the murder?

Glassblowing and Alchemy

The Eternal Fire of Alchemy is the twelfth crime novel about Maria Wern and her colleagues at the police department on Gotland. I have read some of the other novels but not all. Since I have worked at Kosta Boda I had to read this one and it was nice to read the sections about glassblowing. On the other hand, I did not know anything about alchemy and learned some things about that.

Questionable Motive

I liked the plot but I found the killer’s motive difficult to believe. The novel would have been better with a different motive, but the novel is still worth reading.


*My translation, the original title in Swedish: Alkemins eviga eld


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