The Dying Game by Åsa Avdic

dying game3

I’m usually not a fan of the type of books that can be described as Hunger Games for adults, but there was something about this one that caught my eye.

Locked-Room Mystery

The year is 2037 and it is a dystopia where the Berlin Wall never fell. Åsa Avdic stays pretty close to the present (no weird clothes, or to “spacey”), but it is still pretty foreign and uncomfortable.

The main character Anna Francis is a skilled bureaucrat, but she’s not so good with people, and she gets burned out after having worked in a warzone. She is anything but stable and her career is in pieces after a horrible mistake, but despite that she gets an assignment from “The Great Leader.” She will participate in a human experiment on an isolated island and she will act as a secret observer. Seven people are brought to a remote island to compete in a test for an intelligence position. In contrast to the future the author throws us in to a version of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”…

Dystopian Future

Åsa creates an unpleasant atmosphere, a future scenario, which in the moment doesn’t feel impossible (and therefore even scarier), uses a fantastic language, combined with a skillfully created plot. Good debut novel!


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