The Director by Angelika Braun


Hyped Crime Fiction Debut

The Director is the moviemaker Angelika Braun’s debut in the crime fiction world. There has been a lot of hype about this novel, and there are already plans for a movie.


The novel was presented as a fast paced and film-like whodunit. It is definitely fast paced and film-like, but I do not see the whodunit connection. This is a thriller with a classic serial killer. Someone is murdering men in Stockholm in spectacular ways. The main characters are Signe, a director who is trying to succeed in the cutthroat movie business, and Björn, a behavioral scientist and teacher who is working on his temper.

Film, Yes! Novel…Not So Sure

I have no problem seeing this story as a movie. The characters are definitely interesting, but I am not sold on the story as a novel. After all, there is a difference in how you write scripts and novels and you can tell.


Original title in Swedish: Regissören


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