The Corrupt (free translation) by Robert Kviby

Swedish conspiracy thriller

Robert Kviby has received a lot of attention for his debutant book The corrupt. Much thanks to modern and smart marketing. For example there is a soundtrack to the book. I saw Robert in an interview on Swedish Television and got a little curious. His book is so far sold to Germany

Basic Plot

The Corrupt set in the late 1980s, after the Palme murder, a time when Sweden “woke” up out of their innocence as the author describes it. Annie is a journalist and works on a story of missing prostitutes. The story takes her to an exclusive gentleman’s club with senior men in politics and business … then one day she disappears ….

Influences from Stieg Larsson and Stockholm noir

As in Stieg Larsson’s books, this book is highly critical of men’s exploitation of women. The book also has some Stockholm-noir feeling to it as we also follow a Yugoslavian mafia family.

Pretty exciting, but could have been more innovative

… is how I would summarize this book. It’s a pretty exciting book with a fine language, and interesting characters, but that a bunch of senior men are exploiting women is not very innovative or surprising as the author want us believe. I´ve both read and seen a number of these books/movies with that theme, and that something similar has occurred / occurs in reality, I find most likely. With that said, it’s a good debutant book and I will definitely keep track of what Kviby writes in the future.

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