The Conductor from Saint Petersburg

The Conductor from Saint Petersburg takes place in Moscow in the early 2000s and two Swedes are at the center of the story. First we have Tom Blixen, an investment banker at Pioneer Capital, whose assignment is to help the oil giant RusOil acquire another company. It is a big opportunity, but the assignment comes with some unexpected consequences. Then we have his friend, the attorney Fredrik Kastrup, who several years ago helped a client register a company in the country and in return he received two percent of the ownership in the company that RusOil now tries to get control over.

Moscow Noir

The Conductor from Saint Petersburg is the first novel in the series “Moscow Noir” by Paul Leander Engström in collaboration with Camilla Grebe. The novel is a mix of political corruption, mafia methods, new riches, the oil industry, violence, and Russian vodka. As a reader you get to experience a time in Russia when it was possible to become a millionaire overnight.

Russian Inspiration

Paul has worked in Russia in finance and as an undercover agent and entrepreneur for more than a decade. You can tell that he has used his time in Russia as inspiration, but despite that the novel was just ok, not more. I appreciate the new environment, because I have not read that many books that take place in Russia.


Original title in Swedish: Dirigenten från Sankt Petersburg. I do not know if/when the novel will be published in English.

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