The City Murders by Lars Bill Lundholm

A masked group carries out a robbery on Stockholm’s metro and two men are brutally killed. The police suspects it is a terror attack, but when the same gang robs a bank in Stockholm where one of the managers are killed they question if there could be another motive. Axel Hake becomes responsible for the investigation, but he goes on “vacation” after a conflict with his boss. However, he continues the investigation on his own and his family ends up in a dangerous situation.

The Motive

We find out who the guilty ones are pretty quickly. Three young women. The main question throughout the whole book is the motive. Why are they robbing and killing people? They are all successful and one of them even goes to the Police School and is called in to help with the investigation.

Pretty Good

Overall the book is pretty good, but I wish that the motive could have peeked through a little earlier so you at least had had a chance to understand it.


Original title in Swedish: Citymorden (I do not know if/when the book will be available in English and what title it will have. The City Murders is a direct translation of the Swedish title.)

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