The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer



Known for Twilight

Stephanie Meyer is mainly known for the incredibly popular Twilight series (vampire-themed novels). I was both skeptic and curious when I started reading. I didn’t like the Twilight movies, but have to admit I haven’t read the novels.


A young woman and former agent is on the run with rigorous safety measures in place, e.g. sleeping with a gasmask on, different disguises, keeping poison in her earrings, etc. As a chemist and expert in “concoctions” she became a liability instead of a resource when she found out too much information. One day she gets an offer from her former employer that she cannot resist, i.e. helping them to “interview” a guy and in return she would clear her name and get her old life back. The question is if she can/should trust them.

Too Much Romance

This was not my cup of tea. There was too much romance and too little suspense. The main rule for a conspiracy thriller, which you have to categorize this as, is that there has to be a constant looming threat, preferably against humanity and a feeling of “could this be real?” That didn’t happen here. It reminds me of Nora Roberts’ novels, which also feel a bit more romantic, even though I’m guessing that the author maybe thought that the main character’s job as a chemist with macabre job duties, plus a few pretty brutal scenes would give it an edge. If you like the Twilight series and/or Nora Roberts you can disregard my opinions, because you will probably like this novel.


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