The Catfish by Ann Rosman

The Catfish (Havskatten) is the fifth novel in the series about Karin Adler in the Gothenburg police department. The story in the present has a connection to the past and all the threads are tied together in the end, just like in Ann Rosman’s previous novels. You can tell than Ann Rosman knows the area and its history well and that she has done extensive research. In The Cathfish the historical story gets as much space as the present one. I do not mind at all, and I would have liked to see the entire novel dedicated to it. It is that good.

Marstrand, 1906

The Spa in Marstrand, Sweden, is visited by King Oscar II in the summer and in his footsteps follow Sweden’s gentry. Director Lundberg and his family arrive to the Tourist Hotel in Marstrand in 1906 in hopes of curing the oldest daughter Karolina’s cough as well as finding a husband for her. To inherit her grandparents’ castle he must be suitable in their eyes.

The Present

A dead man is found at the run-down Tourist Hotel in Marstrand. Karin Adler and her colleagues are investigating the murder. It turns out that many people in town disliked the murdered man, since he was very active in local affairs and had written numerous letters to the town newspaper.


Original title in Swedish: Havskatten


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