The Boy who Stopped Crying by Ninni Schulman

I liked Ninni Schulman’s first novel The Girl with Snow in Her Hair, and her independent sequel, The Boy who Stopped Crying, was even better. I definitely want to read more crime novels by Ninni Schulman, another fabulous Swedish crime writer.

A Pyromaniac is Wreaking Havoc

A house is burned down and a woman dies during a thunderstorm in Hagfors, but it turns out it was arson, and not lightning that struck the house. A few days later two people die in arson, and it does not take long before a fourth person dies in the same way. Everyone in town is scared and the fire extinguishers are quickly sold out. Do the arsons have a connection? Will the police solve the case before even more people will lose their lives?

The Main Character

The main character, the local newspaper journalist Magdalena Hansson, returned to her hometown in the first book and she still lives there. She is put in hot air when she stumbles on clues that can lead to the pyromaniac. We also get to follow her private life, which is almost as eventful.

Somewhere in Sweden

The novel describes life in a small town in Sweden, and how difficult it can be to change people’s perception of you. It is also questioned whether it is safer in a small town, since bullying and loneliness can be just as difficult, if not more so there. I come from a small town and the town described in the book (Hagfors) could be any small town in Sweden (albeit with a different dialect).

Original title in Swedish: Pojken som slutade gråta

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