The Bilderberg Summit by Anders Jallai

Anton Modin, a former intelligence officer is back in a fourth thriller that takes place in the fishing village where he lives. As usual the author mixes fact and fiction, and this novel is, if possible, even more controversial.

The Bilderberg Summit

Midsummer approaches and instead of the usual tourists the Swedish secret police and foreign security forces are seen in the town. The powerful Bilderberg Group’s annual summit is going to be held at the town hotel, which is closed to the public and the media does not know anything. Why is it such a secret? And is the world really ruled by this group? Anton Modin is drawn into the action against his will when the summit is threatened by a terrorist group.

Controversial Book Commercial

Anders Jallai was ciritziced for the commercial where the Swedish Secretary of State Carl Bildt is shot. Jallai says that he wanted to portray the novel as it is: “a mix of fact and fiction. And the scene actually comes from the novel.”

Best So Far?

Anders Jallai says that ”this is probably my best novel so far.” I disagree, and I think that his first three novels were better, more elaborate, and above all more suspenseful. There are few women in the novel and they are portrayed as sexual objects. The Bilderberg Summit is written by a man, about men, for men, and I am the wrong target market.


Original title in Swedish: Bilderbergmötet

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